How To Manage Mental Health During Pandemic

“This pandemic will get over so let’s make our mental health stronger”

In year 2020 a unknown pandemic suddenly hits around the world causing chaos, increased mortality rate and unemployment. Developing countries get affected most from covid-19 pandemic because of under development of health structures.

As per the report first case of covid-19 reported in Wuhan, China in month of november in year 2019 and from there is sudden spread throughout the world. It happens all of the sudden that countries don’t even got any sudden plan to overcome such pandemic. There was daily increase in graph of infected people from covid-19.Nationwide it become major heath issue and to reduce spread of infection government put up on idea of lockdown throughout the nation. Sudden order had been passed by government for implementation of lockdown. After this there was a sudden rush between labourers to go their home as they all were far from their home for earning .People were told to wear masks and to minimize social gathering and proper sanitization of hand to be done.

For almost half of the year lockdown was implemented nationwide to decrease the spread of this infection through avoid social gathering. Implementation of lockdown greatly affect the life of daily wage workers. Most of the youth got unemployed during this pandemic. It cause disturbance in mental health of each individual. Nationwide report also show increased rate in suicide whether it may be due to unemployment, some don’t have enough money to provide food and nourishment to their family members and treatment which make them guilty and they choose a path of suicide to get free from such worries. Emphasis of social media is so much in daily life of people of 21st century that many misconceptions were spread throughout social app like whatsapp etc. about spread of covid-19 virus and about how to treat it which were adopted by many people without knowing the truth about it.


Each individual’s mental sickness is directly or indirectly associated with this going pandemic. So let’s take a look on how different age groups are suffering-

Age group upto 5 year– As per the guidelines issued by government each individual bound to stay at their house untill an emergency condition come. This arise as a drawback as at this age children used to interacted with people and it’s surrounding which help them to build their skills and social bonding. But now a days they don’t have socio-friendly environment and you always catch them on phone which effect both mental and physical health of them.

Age group 6-18year– All educational institution were closed these days. Orders were passed by government to all educational institutions to conduct online classes so children’s don’t suffer study loss. Online lecture were carried out half of a day by institutes which is compulsory to attend by students. A general complaint is seen among students of low interaction with teachers, burden of homework, confusion of which topic they are studying and they are not able to clarify there doubt due to less interaction with teacher which make them irritated, depressed, stressed, less active and slow grasping.

Age group between 18-50 years– They are one the one who are largely affected by pandemic as they are at developing state, career oriented or family emerging group. They always seen irritated, depressed, always having negative attitude towards life and also suffering from health problems like obesity, hypertension etc.

Age group above 50 year- People of this age group love to interact others, like to attend social gathering program and love to have a walk in parks but now they are restricted to such activities. As per Ayurveda people of this age group have vata predominance in their body which making them hyperactive but due to restrictions these days they facing problem like depression, anxiety, anger, delirium etc. it effect their digestion as per the Ayurveda. So both mental health and physical health depends on each other for complete well being.

So a question arises that what one should do for mental health during this pandemic to overcome anxiety, depression and stress. Life is all about ups and down. One should also be prepared for bitter taste of life. Lets take a look on management of mental health issues.


Mental illness is not one which could be cured by giving medication to one to overcome his/her depression, anxiety and other mental issues. One have to do things which help them to overcome their mental issues but government should also come forward with initiative which provide guidance to one to overcome from depression, anxiety etc.

As per Ayurveda aspect ‘Mana’ is situated in Hridaya. So one should always do or have things which heart want. It basically lead to a healthy Hridaya and healthy Hridaya leads to healthy ‘Mana’ (good healthy mind).

Let’s take a look on how a person and government do at their level to overcome with mental health issues.

Role of government- Government should appoint a health counsellor to each hospital with proper team which communicate with everyone. In 2020 an initiative has been put by government to broadcast program like Mahabharata and Ramayana daily to overcome anxiety depression and help individuals to have positive attitude towards life. Family members get united to watch this program which decrease communication gap between them and help them to interact with each other. Many other programs related to yoga and meditation can also be broadcasted and people should indulge themselves into this online session which help them to be calm and more active.

Role of individual to maintain mental health– People should spend most of their time with family members. They should share their experiences or what difficulty they are facing off in their life to their family members or with whom they are comfortable with. One should also have a proper meal with peaceful mind and without worries. People should engage themselves in household activities and also do activities which make them happy like playing ludo, listening music etc.

After seeing role of government and an individual towards mental health now have a short view on golden rules to have a good mental health. These are

  • Mindful eating– Mindful eating plays an important role in mental health. Here mindful eating refer to changing your dietary habits for better nourishment. Healthy mind need enough energy to work 24×7 so having nutritional diet can keep you physical and mentally fit.
  • Sleep– Sleep also plays an important role in maintaining mental health. As per the Ayurveda nidra is the main causative factor for both physical and mental health. So by keeping this in mind we should make our routine of early to bed and early to rise. One should take upto 8 hours sleep daily. When negativity took over mind irrelevant thought, fluctuation of emotions seem there which lead to have disturb sleep pattern. Sleep deprivation cause irritation, anger , lack of consciousness etc. So one should always eliminate negative thoughts and emotions before going to sleep.
  • Meditation– Meditation refer to have a deep concentration over an object which make you feel relaxed and eliminate fluctuation of emotions and thoughts which may be crowding your mind. A healthy mind lead to a healthy life so one should adapt mediation in his/her daily routine. “Mediation is the only key to make ourselves stress free”
  • Yoga– Yoga can be referred as combination of exercise and meditation. Yoga channelize all your srotas (channels) inside your body. It help in control your fluctuation of emotions and boost your concentration and memory. Also help in improving your mood. Yoga is like a golden chain that bind body and brain
  • Avoiding smoking and consumption of alcohol– Daily habit of smoking and consumption of alcohol lead to major health problems. Smoking cause cardiovascular disorder, lung cancer, obstructive lung disease etc. It decrease blood purification function of lungs and lead to improper blood supply to different body parts especially brain. Improper supply of blood leads to disturb brain function. Alcoholism directly affect brain function and cause disorders like Parkinson disease, epilepsy etc. As per the Ayurveda vata (one of the three doshas shararik doshas) is directly related to CNS and control all the brain activites. Smoking and alcoholism vitiate vata. Vitiated vata affect brain function and lead to unhealthy mental state. So one should try his best to avoid smoking and drinking in their daily life.

“A journey towards mental health will leads to a good physical health”

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