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If we want to become healthy or to maintain good health using an Ayurvedic approach, moving towards a sattvic lifestyle is a key element in this process.

Before we get to know about the benefits of living a sattvic and balanced life, let’s have a look at what that means.

What does being sattvic actually mean?

The word sattvic means “pure essence”.

Sankhya, the philosophical base of Yoga and Ayurveda, states that everything in this life is composed of the three gunas, within and without us. We all have all three gunas within us in different proportions, according to our lifestyles and body types.



1. Sattva ( Light & Purity, Equilibrium, knowledge, (associated with creation)

Sattva is wise, noble, grateful, joyous, and generous in character. A Sattvic state of mind indicates emotional and intellectual equilibrium and positive thinking. Sattvic action is that which generates positive energy and healing others. To be of service of others is to act with Sattvic intention.

Becoming Sattvic means becoming clear and accepting of pain and the lessons it carries. A Sattvic person is open to and trusting of the world because he or she does not allow external negativity to govern his or her internal space.


Sattva is a state of balance, harmony, peace .Sattva is the naturally arising state originating from being true to your inner teacher, guru, god.

2. Rajas ( Activity, Passion, Action (associated with preservation)

Rajas is not a negative energy. Indeed, Rajas governs motivation and action, activity and change. Without Rajas, we would not have the passion and drive to fulfill our personal mission in the world and work for positive change.

However, Rajas has a dark side . It ignites the power of the ego. When Rajasic energy becomes excessive, an individual becomes egoistic and selfish. A Rajasic individual acts for the sake of prestige and power.

When we feel angry or distressed about a situation we cannot control, we know that our Rajas has become too powerful. This type of anger indicates a selfish ego paired with a lack of trust .


Rajas being the quality of movement, distraction, turbulence or activity that creates imbalance in life.

3. Tamas (Darkness, Inertia, Lethargy, Ignorance (associated with destruction)

Tamas is the energy that encourages us to slow down and rest when we are overworked.

But an excess of Tamas, like Rajas, will disturb the body and mind. Tamas is associated with darkness, breakdown, dullness, and closure.

Tamasic individuals are sometimes hateful, and even violent. Conversely, Tamas can also induce laziness, slowness, fatigue, and confusion.

Individuals that suffer from excessive Tamas tend to be depressed, ignorant, fearful.

Tamasic individuals are slow and lethargic, lacking the motivation to care for themselves and fulfill their purpose in the world.


Tamas being the quality of dullness, darkness, heaviness and stagnancy that creates inertia.

We want to be tamasically grounded to the earth so that we can rest and sleep and connect, rajasically passionate and fired-up about our work and sattvically calm and at peace to realise our goal of freedom, of our true nature.

As human beings and part of nature, we all have all three gunas within us. It really depends on which we decide to cultivate, along with our natural tendencies according to our own body type.

Vata and pitta types can tend towards rajas, while kaphas can have some tamasic tendencies

Ways to live a Sattvik Lifestyle


Eat foods that are organic, fresh, in season, vegetarian, locally produced

The mind is formed of the essence of food. If food eaten is pure then it brings inner peace to the body in and encourages spiritual progress.Therefore we should eat sattvik food .

Below is the three types of foods according to the three gunas. Now you decide which one do you want to pick.


Live in harmony with the of the daily day and seasons

Regulate your daily events, eating at similar times each day and sleeping at regular times to ensure that you have enough sleep 6 – 8 hours usually.

“There is no possibility of one to become a yogi… if one eats too much, or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough” – Bhagavad Gita


3. Sleep early, Wake and Rise before the sun 

Capture the high vibrational prana, or life-force energy, that is present just before and after the sun rises, also known as the brahma muhurta.


4. Always tell the truth and never hurt anyone


famous quote “The truth will set you free” – bible

There is clarity and lightness in speaking truth . Gossiping, neglecting to be honest and telling non-truths even in the spirit of avoiding hurting someone’s heart often does more harm to the communicator than anyone else.

5. Physical activity

Yoga is a sattvic practice that can help to balance the body if practiced mindfully, with different styles available to suit all body types and to balance both rajas and tamas. All movement is good for counteracting tamas or a kapha imbalance.

  6.  Live mindfully and in the present moment

Be awake to the emotions, feelings and mental and physical states that are present to you this NOW. If you will do good in your present then you will automatically do good in future so stop worrying about it.

As there is a saying :

Take care of our present , future will take care of itself”


7.. Work-life balance

Are you an over-working, over-achieving type? This rajasic quality can be a tricky one to change but by starting to look at where you spend most of your energy and recognising your limits you can start to make small changes.

Creating time to enjoy life or to experience the beauty of the world is not selfish or a waste of time. It’s vital to your health and well being to take some time to appreciate life. A sattvic lifestyle is certainly not all work and no play.

8 . Spiritual practice:

Pranayama or simple breath work is a wonderful way, if practiced correctly, to calm the mind and bring it back the peace. Find what works for you and do it consistently with heart to see results.


Living a sattvik life will lead you peace of mind and reduction n your mental stress. By trying few simpla and easy tips you can make yourself so calm and relaxed and that too without any expenses.

Nowadays, there is talk between people that is “sattvik life means eating sattvik foods only ?”

I want to clear that “ Sattvic lifestyle is more than food.”

By choosing sattvic actions, we choose to implement non-violence in actions . Food is just one of the doorways to a sattvic lifestyle.

So , one should embrace the sattvik lifestyle with full faith and you will get amazing results.

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